Flash Intros

Flash Intros help in communicating the message in a visually attractive way and in building the interest and curiosity among the users. It is the fastest growing web design technology available. A flash animated intro can add drama and excitement to a site and is typically placed on the site's splash/opening page. Flash intros help create rich internet content and applications with a better presentation and user navigation. It has the ability to enhance the website.
HAFIZABAD has developed many impressive flash Intros to give the websites an attractive beginning and an insight into what the website has in store for the users.


  • Hafizabad is an independent Pakistan Based Agency.
  • We are website specialists (web design / dynamic web solution / graphics design / Multimedia development).
  • Money Back Guarantee Services are Provided to our Clients.


We believe in applying attention gathering tactics which 99% of Media Agency have become to complacent to adopt or implement. We listen to our clients, and we advise them and assist them in producing compelling, insight-driven creatives that generate real-world results.

Expertise & Beliefs

Here at Hafizabad, we obsess over how technology and data can grow your business with Facebook Advertising.

Today, data is the gatekeeper to every marketing question you have ever wanted answered. And only agencies like Hafizabad, who are authorities in intercepting the right data, can provide those answers.

By combining Facebook and Instagram Ads with these insights and groundbreaking technology, our campaigns are so targeted that brands can connect directly one-on-one with new leads. This requires starting the exact right conversation with exactly the right person at exactly the right time - and we are ready to help you do that.

We're the #1 Facebook advertising agency; we find connections through data, and through connections we unearth patterns that allow us to discover opportunities for growth where others see none. As the digital world continues to become more connected and complex, Hafizabad only gets better. .

Do you have a specific project you'd like to discuss, or even just a general question or comment? If so, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

How We Work

Planning : Visit us. We provide you techniques and methods. You pick one and hire us.



We send you detail.

The services and cost of the project and payment schedule.

We start working on your idea.



You Approve the idea.

we do codes and develop your web application.

You may relax and we start work.


Test and Launch

Your website is ready to launch.

Before the official launch we do testing to assure a perfect user experience.

You get a free warrantee period to check it.


Share your idea, Let us know, give it in our professional hand. we deal it.